Pastoral Staff

Lead Pastor
Tom Gardner



Having served as a minister for over 13 years, Pastor Tom Gardner has embraced his calling to reach souls for the kingdom of God. Pastor Tom brings messages with not only deep meaning and real life application, but also with humor. He has served in almost every facet of ministry, from evangelizing to Pastoral Ministry.  Pastor Gardner was instrumental in planting the ministry of A New Beginning Church in July 2010. From it’s inception until present time the church has flourished in growth with hundreds coming to know and grow in the Lord. It’s apparent that God has placed within him an extraordinary gift of compassion and leadership to make a difference in people’s lives. The Pastor is married to Libby Gardner and together they have faithfully made themselves available to all people.

Children’s Pastor

David Edwards





David Edwards has received his Masters in Education at Georgia Southern University, and is currently the Principal of Long County High School. Pastor David has served in many aspects of ministry including Youth Pastor, Children’s Church Pastor and Director of Christian Education for the past 14 years. Pastor David has a passion for discipling God’s people, and as a dedicated christian it’s his desire to see Dan. 11:32 be fulfilled in peoples lives. “But the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits”. Pastor David and his wife Anissa, who serves in our music ministry, have two children, Lane and Emma.


Worship Pastor

Debby Davis
debby davis
I am honored and humbled to be given the opportunity every week to lead God’s people into a place of worship.

I remember vividly where I was kneeling and the way I felt when I realized that God was calling me to lead music. My first reaction was “Lord, I am not qualified.” His answer to me was, “but I have called you, for such a time as this”. From that moment,  I can say He has been faithful to equip me in fulfilling the calling He has put on my life.

I love the Lord with everything that is within me and I have encountered His presence so real in my life. My passion is worshiping Him because He is absolutely amazing! My desire is to lead You into that moment where your life is changed forever, you are never satisfied with just being in His house, but you would rather sit at His feet, and then for you to experience the silence of your surroundings – only to hear HIS HEARTBEAT….

Youth Pastor

Jacob Gardner

My name is Jacob Gardner, I have a beautiful wife and three awesome kids. My life today is complete and incredible, but it hasn’t always been. You see the truth is I struggled as a teen. However because of the struggles I have had, I find myself being able to connect with young people on a much different level. I love to see what most people would call a hopeless case fall to their knees before god and accept Christ into their heart. My passion is being as much of a part of each and every one of my youths lives as I can be. I encourage them to be “real” because its impossible to change a heart that is make believe. One of my favorite quotes is “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future” and I believe it is my calling to help our young people realize that.
Life Groups Pastor
Libby Gardner
Libby is married to Pastor Tom Gardner. She has been serving the Lord for nearly 25 years. During this time she has served in the church with many ministries, from children’s church to Youth Pastor  to Women’s Pastor and she is currently serving as Life Groups Pastor.
But her passion has been serving as Jail Chaplain for 19 years with the Liberty County Sheriffs Department. She has had the opportunity to reach out to countless inmates and has had many accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and become active in the church, making a difference in the lives of others. One of her joys is having both her daughters, April and Kelli, actively serving in the church.



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